Hannah Amaranth Bar with Peanut Butter

Hannah Amaranth Bar with Peanut Butter


Vanilla and chocolate flavor
33 servings per container.
-Contains 25.7 grams (0.05 lb) of protein per scoop.

-With 0.7 grams of carbohydrates.
-Excellent flavor, sweetened with agave syrup and contains natural cocoa or natural vanilla.
-Superfect option as a quick breakfast using it as a complement, if you do not have time to prepare something ⏰
-Excellent as Pre-workout or Post workout.
-It has a high content of minerals and natural vitamins: A, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, folic acid, 9 essential amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 and more!
- By nourishing yourself, you will be benefiting others, since a percentage of the profits will be destined to a 13-18 year old Girls Rehabilitation Center in the City of Tijuana.
-Free of chemical and artificial flavoring.
-Without gluten.
-No Dairy.
-Without soy.

-Keto friendly.

Ingredients: Isolated amaranth protein, amaranth protein concentrate, agar agar, agave inulline, natural cocoa / natural vanilla, agave syrup, vitamins and minerals.


Notice: Nutricional facts are in grams.

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