Organic Matcha 0.11 lb

Organic Matcha 0.11 lb


Ingredients: organic matcha powder.

*With caffeine.


DESCRIPTION: Matcha is a fine green tea and carefully pulverized in granite stone mills, to grind 40 grams the mills take 1 hour.

This organic matcha will surely surprise you with its versatility. It can be prepared both in desserts and smoothies, meals, masks, among many other uses. In addition to the countless benefits it has for the body.




  • Preparation method:

    Add 2 grams of organic matcha in blender or chawan, beat with water or hot vegetable drink and go!

  • Benefits

    • Digestive • Antioxidant • Energizing • May help reduce risk of cancer • Stimulant • Help with mental concentration.

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